For the past 30 years, I’ve used herbs to address everything from the common cold, diabetes and other chronic conditions, to the hormonal fluctuations of women in their later years. Time and again, I return in a sacred circle to the gentle power of herbs to nourish, support, and build well bodies, minds and spirits. They’ve never failed me.

Now, with this website I’m sharing the knowledge and wisdom of the herbs with others. The sacred circle of herbs is like a magical tool that can help nourish, support and build well bodies, minds, and spirits. In this time of complicated, busy, frantic, toxicity, I believe it is a well-spring of knowledge that can help others immeasurably.

Increasingly we are bombarded with too much: too much information, too many choices, too much conflicting information, too much stress….resulting in a much-needed change in our lifestyles. Nowadays it’s about living simpler, more natural lives, and looking for healthier, less chemical ways of eating our food and drink. We live in a toxic soup of chemicals everyday, and its slowly killing us. The biggest sellers of the health food industry are herbal detox programs, and for good reason. There has never been a time when we needed to make use of the healing power of herbs more than now.

I will be setting up classes that teach others the wisdom of herbs. I am also offering consultations to those who are interested in learning more about what herbs to use for specific conditions. On this website are different pages that address different aspects of herbal medicine. Herbal grams gives the latest research available about specific herbal remedies, their therapeutic uses, and recommended dosages. A contact page allows others to contact me with questions, comments or to share information that they have learned as well. The about me page gives you information about my background and training. In addition, I’ll be sharing articles that bring up-to-date information about the newest research, trends and market news about the herbal industry. That’s what Spirit Circle Herbs is all about: returning to the source, and restoring ourselves to wholeness and balance. Join me!